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Ancient People of the Royal Magi: The Magyars - 3

III. Magi and Sun-Kings

The materialistic world-view of our age carries with it the tendency to severely undervalue the role of intellect and the logic necessary for mathematics. However, it is obvious that, while the material proof can stand on its feet only if it makes understanding possible, understanding, in certain cases, as in mathematics, can stand alone. The 2*2=4 is more permanent than metal. Few people would think, in our days, that there is a proof, apart from the material objects, which is more permanent than metal, and that is the feeling of connection. There is such a proof, especially in the course of Nature's logic. Few realize that the key to our humanity was hidden in the beginning, in the fact of our becoming human. The age of evolution into human beings is today covered with a thick veil and a universally false belief system. According to this false belief system, ancient man was wild, uneducated, uncivilized, crude, and a lowly being, ruled by his instincts, a prisoner of his bodily needs, who spent his life in fear and want. Below we will see that, by just simply following the natural logic of becoming human, a basically different picture will emerge, which is much closer to the truth.

The process of becoming human means the emergence of the uplifting self-awareness, the brilliant light of consciousness. The emerging light of consciousness lifts us into a naturally "modified state of consciousness", and the reason we do not feel its magnificence and cosmic strength today is that, during the past million years we have become used to it, like to the air and because - sad, but true - we basically misjudge and misunderstand the innermost nature of our own intellect.

When the flame of consciousness and intellect first lit up during the course of our becoming human, people were filled with a hitherto unknown familiarity, a closeness, a feeling of brotherhood. The sky, the world and Nature, became closer to us; the plant and animal life became our true companions with a human face and consciousness, as much as our human companions. In a family, the element of warm familiarity is indispensable so that we can understand what is happening and why, who does what and why in the family. In the same way, the blossoming of intellect unexpectedly brought us to a complete familiarity, a brotherhood and family-closeness with the earthly world and the Universe, The Universe was one, a single flaming feeling of brotherhood, which reached the heavens, one embracing light of consciousness, a feeling that spoke to us and enlightened everything, a motherly feeling which connected us with the circulation of the Universe. A feeling of family and friendship developed and, out of this natural feeling, emerged the human intellect, and lit up the greatest and most noble secrets of the Universe. In the light of the new-born intellect, the rays that bore the humans of the Universe lit up in their full, elemental strength.

The process of becoming human was driven by the uplifting processes of nature, of elemental strength and, while this prevailed, the human feeling and intellect were of elemental strength and a cosmic active force: these were Mankind's cosmic teenage years. At the time of the creation of Mankind's intellect, the cosmic natural forces which were expressed in Man, acted as a cosmic intellectual force. Living through this process, from the inside and as humans, people felt and experienced, in their most personal, innermost being, the creative power of the reborn, uplifting cosmic intellect. These cosmic forces, which created Man, carried within them the secrets of the Universe, and initiated Man into cosmic knowledge during the uplifting course of becoming human. The age of becoming human holds Mankind's greatest treasure in itself: the secret of Mankind's cosmic initiation. The Universe is, even today, infused with higher intelligence than the human consciousness. In a blade of grass, there is hidden the knowledge of how it is possible to build a blade of grass from an inorganic material. Every form of life contains a refined form of the cosmic intelligence and has the capability of realizing the cosmic intelligence, and taking on a material form. This cosmic intelligence knows how to build a huge tree from the seed of a tree. The intelligence of modern human consciousness, which depends upon outer control, is not capable of accomplishing this. However, this natural, higher consciousness is still hidden in Man, in our organism, in our development from the fertilized ovum to embryo, into adulthood. The whole, endless, uplifting cosmic intelligence lives in us and it is even capable of cooperating with the conscious self-supervision as long [as] this self-supervision does not become exclusively external and distorted by inappropriate dogmas. The higher knowledge which was received through the cosmic initiation was guarded by Mankind's ancient people, the people of the Magi. When the intelligence of the individual and community consciousness does not reject this inherent, higher intelligence which is born with us, but builds on it and comes into harmony with it, humans can become human again.

The flash of light of understanding the memory of becoming human has never completely disappeared. Intelligence was very much treasured at the time of our becoming human. It could not have been otherwise. It was inevitable that, in the world of emotion and thought of the ancient, natural man, the greatest treasure was believed to be intelligence (wisdom) and its exterior manifestation, the Sun. It was inevitable that the religion of intellect and the religion of the Sun, which are essentially identical, should be the first religion of mankind. The central characteristic of mankind's first world-view was to honor the human and cosmic intellect. The rough, degrading image of ancient man spending millions of years in fear, horror, want and barbarism is completely false.

Truly the facts of history validate our suppositions. We even know the name of the "priestly caste" of the Sun-religion. This name was "Magi", (Redards, 1965). The Hun religion as Sun-religion is well known (Gnoli, 1995). Its intellect-religion becomes visible by having been called the "Mazda-jaznán" religion too (Modi, 1926,11; Oláh Imre, 1985, Op. Cit. 65). Because the meaning of "mazda" is wisdom, the meaning of "Mazda-jaznán" is religion of wisdom. This double correspondence, between the religion of intellect and its equal, the Sun-religion and between mankind's becoming human and the religion of the Huns, indicates that the religion of the Hun-Magyar people is the direct continuation of Mankind's ancient religion. So the culture of Mankind, by means of the Magyar-Hun culture, does not look back into a five-to-six-thousand year old past, to the development of the Sumerian literacy, or 50,000 thousand years, to the arrival of "modern man", but six-million-years (GKE and GA, 2006, quot., 108; GA, 2003b, 2006,30-32). The Magyar culture embraces six million years of cultural continuity! Here we are talking of an extraordinary culture, a much more advanced culture than the western culture, from a scientific point of view (GKE és GA, 2006,135-146)! It is truly important for Mankind to learn to know the basis of the Magyar-Hun-Scythian history and culture. It is of vital importance in their personal lives to awaken the cosmic forces of creation that live within them, and promote their highest possible development.

The idea of Kingship originated in the idea of Sun-Kingship

With the parallel of the uplifting intelligence and the life-giving Sun comes the realization that the intellect has to organize mankind into a unified world, just as the light of the awakened consciousness organizes our waking consciousness into a unified state of consciousness, and as the Sunshine organizes the day into a unified world.[14] And out of this, some more deductions emerge. First of all: the first state-building people of mankind were the Hun-Magyar people with the Sun religion. Secondly: by necessity the first state must have been a Kingship, since it must have arisen through the ideal of Kingship. Thirdly: the first Kingship must have been a Sun-Kingship, because it came about through the understanding of the Sun's life-giving, uplifting manifestation (GKE-GA, 2006, 82-98). Fourthly: the Royal insignia had to originate from the Sun. Only one creation has a crown visible to all mankind: the Sun. The Sun's crown is the natural royal insignia.

It lights up under extraordinary circumstances, during the eclipse. It is at this time when the most significant characteristic of the Sun manifests itself in the most spectacular manner. Namely, the sun experiences frequent solar bursts in its different regions, primarily around the sun-spots. During these sunbursts the plasma-bundles fly out of the Sun with the speed of a few hundred kilometers/sec. They may cover several thousand kilometers during the few minutes of a solar eclipse and, because a ray of the Sun is about 700 thousand kilometers in length, we can notice, simply with our eyes, that the shiny material that flies out of the Sun is moving. Everyone knows well that one of the most important differences between a live cat and a dead cat is the fact that the live cat moves by itself and the dead cat is unable to do that. If the sun is able to move its own material, then this is again a new fact to prove that the Sun is living. (For the living state of the Sun see G. A., 2002, 2004, 2004b).


Picture 9. Solar eclipse. The pointed rays of the Sun's corona are clearly visible


Picture 10. The Hungarian National Flag.


Picture 11. The three pointed branches of the Royal Crown are clearly visible. All three branches at the top of the crown divide into three again. In this manner the crown holds together, in one whole unit, the triple trinity.

The crown of the Sun-king, since it is modeled on the Sun, has to be similar to the crown of the Sun, in other words, it has to represent the pointed form of the Sun-bursts and Sun-flames (prior picture).

Not only the image of the crown originated from the Sun, but that of the Royal scepter too. The Royal scepter is a straight rod, which holds on its end a cultic symbol, like the Sunbird. The straight rod reflects the straight connection with the Sun. The scepter was frequently made of the Sun's metal, which is gold.

According to the mythical historical view of the Egyptians, the Age of the Sun-Kingship was the most resplendent period of the Golden Age. (Kákosy, 1978,101).

The origin of the Magyar Sun-kings and of the coronation ritual

The beginning of the Kingship which originated in Heaven can be traced back into pre-historic times, "In Mankind's most ancient religions, the King received a divine character", writes Westermann (1993, 1024-1029.). "The Kingship is the central institution of a state that is governed by a King, or which has a King at its center. Kingship is the most wide-spread and most ancient state institution. Societies, which never had any kings, never had a state either, Mesopotamia, Egypt and China - were all governed by holy Kings." (Grottanelli, 1995,312-313.), "From ancient times, the crown has been a most distinguished head decoration." (Enc. Brit., 1988, Vol. 3, p. 759.).[15] "The secular part of the Hungarian coronation ceremony is unparalleled in Europe. When the newly crowned Hungarian King rode up to the coronation hill, he made a sign of the cross with his sword toward the four cardinal points." (Encycl. Hungarica, 1994, 2. 247.). If the coronation ceremony had not been of Magyar origin, then it could have originated only from a people with a Sun religion, and the Sun-religion is exactly the characteristic of the Magyar-Scythian-Hun people, the people of the Magi (see: Gnoli, 1995; Redards, 1965).


Picture 12. Crowns with cross bands from the North Eurasian plains. Today they are worn by shamans, saving morsels of the knowledge of the Royal Magi (GA, 2006, 194-212). Next to them is the Magyar Holy Crown with the cross-bands.

"The earliest English coronation ceremony looks back more than a thousand years [8. c. A.D. - GA]; the (English) King of the day still wore a helmet instead of a crown" (Enc. Brit., 1988, Vol. 3, 759). The Magyar cross-band crown must have had a far greater authority than the British helmet-crown. The crown of the English King went through an interesting evolution, and it became similar to the ancient Hungarian Holy Crown in the 15th c. A.D.: it received a cross-band (Enc. Brit. 2007, crown).


Picture 13. The evolution of the English crown from the 9th century Anglo-Saxon crown to the crown of St. Edward of the 17th century. Not only the two cross bands were added, but the orb and the cross also.

The Hun-Magyar kings were the earthly representatives of the Sun-god, The coronation insignia, the crown, the scepter, the orb and the throne are all connected to the Sun-concept and can be traced back to the Sun-god. In its ancient meaning, the coronation itself was nothing more than the decoration of the king with the holy golden circle, an initiation which meant he was a child born of the Sun, The word Király (King) itself, as its word-root shows, and also the root of the Hungarian word korona (crown) hides the ancient Hungarian word kör (circle) and points toward the heavenly circle, the Sun, the Sun-god, and to the fact that all these ceremonies belong in the framework of the ancient Sun-religion. They signal the initiation toward becoming the image of the Sun-god. All these are still living ancient Magyar words. The ancient source of these ancient beliefs, the material symbols and ceremonies of coronation, is the Scythian-Hun-Magyar people. The concept and ceremony of coronation spread from the Carpathian Basin all over the world and all people of the world took it over from the Magyars without knowing the ancient meaning of these words and symbols. (GKE, 1996b).

In Egypt "...generally on New Year's Day, the coronation ceremonies were held... the Pharaoh designated a place to the gods and ran through this field twice in the direction of the four cardinal points, first, as the King of Upper, secondly as the King of Lower Egypt. Then the King had to shoot out arrows toward the four cardinal points, symbolizing that he would gain power over the entire Universe" - writes Grottanelli (1995,318). In other words this was a cosmic initiation. It is remarkable how similar the Egyptian and the Hungarian coronation ceremonies are, and it is also astonishing that the Egyptian pharaoh behaved like a Magyar-Scythian archer and hero during his coronation. However, the fact that the poor pharaoh had to run about on foot shows the decline of the ancient Scythian tradition.

Magyar Sun-kings were the protectors of the people of the World

One of the authors of this work (GKE, 1996b) mentioned in his work of 1996 that, as the representatives of the Sun-god, the Magyar-Scythian Sun-kings were the lords of the four cardinal points, and this means nothing less, than that the entire world was under their rule. The traces of this ancient Magyar concept are still present all over the world.

In ancient Central-Asia, the Sun-god, Mitra, according to the Magi before Zoroaster, was the protector of the Earth (Rahimzadeh, 2007). In ancient Mesopotamia, the guardians of the order of nature, the lahmu-s formed a separate priestly cast. They were the servants of the God Enki (Azize, 2002). In the Hindu Rig Veda, a King named Ska-pavan bore the titles of "Guardian of the Earth", "The protector, guardian of the Earth" (Majundar, 1971,20; Mcdonell and Keith, 1967, 208). In the Egyptian papyrus of Ani, again the Sungod, Ra, is the "protector of the Earth" (Budge, 1895,193). The Viking Skald poetry preserved the honor-name of "The guardian of the Earth" (Gamli kanóki, Harmsól, 40, kenning l).[16] According to the 13th century Volga-Bulgarian chronicle (Djagfar Tarih), the Bashkirian belief-system held that Madjar was the Protector of Life (Farkasinszky, 2005, 94).

In ancient Magyar mythology, our Magyar nation-name was linked with the Mother Goddess (Boldogasszony) and her representative was the Sun-goddess. (Fáy, 1910, 96-97, 171-174; Magyar, 1995,10, 23, 34, 37, 39,48) "The Great Mother Goddess can be identified with the Magyar Goddess who gave us our national name. Most European languages use our national name for the word mother: madre, mater, mother, mutter, meter." (Farkasinszky, 2001,10)

The key to understanding our Magyar national name is the role of the Magi. The Magi, the "extraordinary creations" (Tarih-i-Üngürüsz, 1982, 41), lived in groups of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, preserving the ancient natural extended family organization and so they formed a separate people. The people of the Magi are: a people within a people. Seed-people. They were seed-people (Mag-nép) in a sense that this Mag-people who consisted of these "extraordinary creations" organized the Magyar (Hun-Scythian) people into one unified whole at the dawn of ancient times, in the same way as they organized all of mankind's basic people, among them the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Mede, Persian, Aztec and Gothic people.

Because they were the creators of the people of Mankind, they were their parents, and therefore, this Mag-(seed) people, the people of the Magi were Mankind's mother people. The Mag-people are the mother-people, creators of all people. Therefore the Mag-people are the protectors of the Earth, because the mother always protects her children. This is why most European people carry in their word "mother" the name "Magyar." The Magyar people are the mother-people (GKE, 199b). The Mother identity of the people of the Magi signals at the same time its Sun-king identity, since the Sun-King's role is similar to that of his mother: the uplifting of the people he created, giving them life and an opportunity to develop.

In order to see more clearly the place- and time-frames of the Magi, the Kings and the Magyars we created a chart (chart 2.).

The recognition of the role of the Royal Magi in world history enriches the cultural world-heritage of mankind with eternal and universal values, to the benefit of the truest and common future of all nations. It will make the fight against the division of people necessary and possible, together with the overcoming of petty differences (GKE és GA, 2006, 57, 234), and will bring to light the ancient history of all peoples, which all come together in the true and common ancestral past. If Mankind finishes this work, it will be able to get out of the millennia-old devilish circle of the disintegration of nations and communities and start out on the road toward togetherness. The Hungarians carry within themselves the secret of cosmic initiation received in the process of becoming human. The uplifting strength hidden in Hungarian history is the spiritual base of Mankind's happy future. Our human essence is able to unfold if we harmonize the meaning of our consciousness with the cosmic meaning which lies hidden within us.

  Magi (Sun) Kingship Magyars
Time frame, official 9th c. B.C. 4 millennium B.C. 4-1. millennium B.C.
Time fr. new, material From 6th mil. B.C. 26. mil. B.C. from 40 000 B.C.*
Time fr. new, art From 40 000 B.C. ? From 40 000-B.C.
Time fr. new, logic Several millions of yrs. Several millions Several millions of years
Territ. borders, offic. Persia World wide River Ob's estuary, later the Carpathian Basin
Territ. borders, new Carpathian Basin, centers world wide from ancient times on World wide Carpathian Basin, Centers world wide from ancient times on.

Table 2. The Magi reflected in the prevailing view, the (Sun)Kingship, according to the Magyars' space and time-frames and the new results. *: based upon genetic validations, see GKE-GA (2006, 1 8, 1 78-1 80). The Mag-people of the Magi, the Kingship, the space and time borders of Kingship and the Magyars indicate what we have described in this study: the Magyars are the people of the Royal Magi.

Attila Grandpierre


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2. The Hungarian legend of the Miracle Stag is the origin saga of the Hungarians. Hunor and Magor, the sons of Nimrod, chased the Miracle Stag to the land of the Alans, where they found the daughters of King Dul and married them, thus founding the two nations, the Huns and the Magyars. (Editor)

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10. Turanian is a collective name for the Ural-Altaic peoples of Central Asia. (Editor)

11. The territories of Slovakia and Northern Serbia were part of Historic Hungary until 1920, when the Treaty of Trianon gave these territories to the newly created states of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. (Editor)

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#4 Vancouver BC. CanadaPetrov Ferdinánd 2017-06-04 23:26
Magyarok, nektek nem kell félni, hogy a folyamatosságotok kihal. A Magyarok Istene, tudta, hogy az ö általa kiválasztott népét, megfogják tagadni, mint az ő szeretett fiat "Jézust". Fölbe elrejtett "Kincseket" a Magyarok (Royal Magi) Népe. ma az ellenségei kiássák, Muzeumokba, kiállítsák. Ez a Magyarok javára meg nem cáfolható tulajdonuk, elrabolt multjuk bizonyítékai. Magyrok Ős-Ősei, Jégkorszak előtti "Honosai" a Kárpát Medencének. A Magyarok Istene által kiformált, védett terület, az Emberiség "Bölcsője" A gonoszok Tanácsa, el rabolta, szét osztotta, gyilkosai között, mint Jézus Köpenyét, a Rómaiak kikockázták. Rablók: Nektek nincs kiutatok, mert "Halandók" vagytok. Az Úr vár rátok, az ő törvénye "Rettenetes" de Igazságos. Mint "Hamurábi" Törvénye "Szemet szemért, fogat fogért" Bújatok Gonoszok, de "Hová" Ti még meg kapjátok. Legyen az Úr akarata. Én úgy kivánom.
#3 mu-baralota, medininagar, palamau, jharkhand, india, pin-822102HARSH KUMAR MISHRA 2016-11-09 22:46
I am a shakadvipi brahmin of india and at my ancestral home main entrance there is also a sun disk divided in to eight parts.. i knew my caste origin that we came to india from shakastan as my grand father told me, he also said me that some of our caste are in europe. i wanted to know more frome him but he died at the age of 105 in 2005. my father also give me lots of information about our caste. my grand father was great scholar of sanskrit and astronomy, and my father is great scholar of medicinal plants. our language is maghi.
i was searching about magi people and where they are present in other parts of world then i came through your website and i came to know after reading some articles that my grandpa was right and i was also surprised that he never used internet but even though he knew that our people are in europe which i found on your website. but in india we are in very less population. i would like to know and share more.
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