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We, European Aborigines, Magyar-Hun kindred

Some of us have traveled far over the millennia since we left our ancestral home, the cradle of civilization, the Carpathian Basin. Some of us may have lost our beliefs and language along the way, but we have kept much of our traditions and folklore. Our mothers, from the Great wall of China to the farthest shores of Wales, Ireland and Scotland, are still putting us to bed at night humming the same lullabies they have been singing for thousands of years. They may have lost the words, but the memory of an ancient past had somehow survived in their souls.

Before today's materialistic world, founded on greed and malice that enslaves Man, we lived freely in an affluent world of spirituality and productive mental activity founded on our Magi's divine calling: "To learn and to freely share our knowledge for the elevation of mankind." We built citadels of science and engineering today's scholars can only marvel in disbelief; we healed the sick of diseases that baffle today's medical science; and we understood the fundamentally complete triple uni-triune system, based upon a cosmic world-view of natural sciences, that can bring into harmony the human body, spirit and mind, a concept today's thinkers, trapped in the exclusionist paradigm of physical laws, are feverishly shunning.

But then, a dark cloud blocked out the sun of mankind. We were burnt at the stake; hanged, drawn and quartered; massacred in the name of a "jealous," wrathful, vengeful foreign "god;" and incinerated alive in firebombings by the architects of materialism as punishment for our "sins" of knowledge. And yet, our dedicated researchers are harvesting and selflessly sharing the truth that is sprouting everywhere. Despite a systematic ban on funding nonconformist research and deliberate acts engineered to destroy evidence and to forge fabrications, archaeological finds, DNA data analyses and computerized comparative linguistics are all converging on the heart of Europe, on the land that keeps producing evidence of a written Magyar language in 30,000 year old pyramids and on 20,000 year old stick fragments, the Carpathian Basin.

This is the spirit - our craving after political, spiritual and intellectual freedom, and our answer to a calling to gain and share our knowledge with humanity - that finds us wherever we live, whatever regime we live under, whatever century we write in stone or on a keyboard. This is the spirit no one can take away from us.

We are the aboriginal inhabitants of Europe:

Armenian Hunza Sarmatian
Avar Hurrian Scottish
Azeri Irish Sumerian
Baktrian Jazig Székely
Basque Karapurak Tadzik
Croatian Kassitan Tatar
Curd Kazah Turkish
Eravisci Kirzig Turkmen
Etruscan Kussanian Ukrainian
Gaulois Magyar Uyghur
Hun Nipponese Uzbec
Hungarian Polish Welsh

also known as


"People of the Light;" people of Kus, Nimrod, Gudea and Melchizedek; people of the Magus (Magi) Faith, Izzu (Jesus) and his mother, Parthian Princess Mary Adiabene-Kharax, Chaldean, Cush, Mede; the biblical people of Canaan, Gog, Magog, Parthia, Galilee, Samaria and Scythopolis, people who build their churches on biblical "High Places"...

We are the people who greet the Morning Star with love in our hearts, and stand tall in the bursting morning sunshine that heralds the presence of our Creator.

We are joining hands because we share a common birthright. We claim the right to be here because we were here before anyone else. And we will continue to seek the truth and share our knowledge because that is our calling.

'It is not necessary to believe: it is only necessary to know'


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    "FAITH is really nothing more than consciousness derived from knowledge of the truth"

    Badiny, Jós Ferenc

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