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Open letter to Sir Michael Terence Wogan, KBE

Open letter to:
Sir Michael Terence Wogan, KBE

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Dear sir:

Your disparaging comment, "Eight points for the Gypsies," regarding the Eurovision Song Festival's Hungarian contestants, NOX group, aired by the BBC on Saturday night, May 21, 2009, goes beyond behaviour unbecoming of a Knight Commander of the British Empire and media celebrity. The buffer zone between comedy and affront is certainly wide enough to accommodate harmless ethnic peculiarities. Yet, inadvertently or deliberately, you overstepped that line. We find your comment a disgrace to your Order and your profession, an affront to the Magyar people, and an example of deleterious disinformation about our nation.

Please consider yourself informed that we, Magyars, are not Gypsies. (Here, "Magyar" refers to a people and its culture, while "Hungarian" is a political label - unless otherwise used, officially or customarily.) We have as little in common with these migrants from India as do the peoples of the UK and Ireland. The (in name only) "Hungarian" Government forces us to host these migrants just as your government forces its taxpayers to support migrants - including a large number of Gypsy clans - from other continents such as Asia and Africa. In fact, the ratio of foreigners to locals is much higher in the UK than in Hungary. Yet, we don't malign your people with such contemptuous comments as "Eight points for the Niggers." As the matter of fact, our disposition toward UK nationals is mutual respect, while our feelings toward our distant relatives in the British Isles- the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh - are kindred love and affection.

To help you extricate yourself from the abyss of ignorance, we draw your attention to the archaeological, anthropologicaland linguistic realities of the 21st century, which clearly identify the autochthonous people of ancient Europe as the Magyars of the Carpathian Basin, founders of the first civilization, the fruits of which you and your countrymen enjoy today. The following are a few examples of that civilization:

  1. Language: Our written Magyar language, which your own Sir John Bowring calls "the oldest and most glorious monument of national sovereignty and mental independence," dates back to at least the Mesolithic (the term your archaeologists prefer) - e.g. the 20,000 year-old Bajót Cave troves, and the finds in the 30,000 year-old Bosnian pyramids. And, Grover S. Krantz, anthropologist at Washington State University, writes:

    "I find instead that all the other Uralic speakers expanded out of Hungary in the opposite direction, and at a much earlier date" (page 11)... This poses no serious problem if the time for this origin and dispersion is put at the earliest Neolithic. If this is true it means that Hungarian (Magyar) is actually the oldest in-place language in all of Europe" (Geographical Development of European Languages, Peter Lang, 1988, page 72);

  2. Laws: The Holy Crown of Hungary is an immortal sovereign person by whose authority the legitimate heir to the throne becomes king, and to whom he must swear "Oath of Allegiance" by which he becomes the Holy Crown's subject. This legal basis of sovereignty assures unity among factions as well as the continuity needed to assure unity of national purpose across generations.

  3. Beliefs: Western attitude toward King Atilla and the "Huns" betrays deep rooted disdain, antipathy and animosity. Below, is an Atilla-era "Hun" prayer of the Magyars to their Creator in their mother tongue - rewritten using the Latin alphabet - as well as a free translation to English (410-460 AD, embossed silver belt tip, Kiev Museum):

Miatyánk Istenünk Our Father, our God,
Bennünk van országod Your kingdom's within us,
Előttünk szent neved Your sacred name, our guidon,
Törvény akaratod Your will is law to us.
Mindennapunk gondját Our everyday woes,
Magadon viseled You bear, you shoulder,
Bűneinket mint másnak Our sins, as those of others,
Nekünk elengeded You let go forever.
Te kezed vezet Across all temptation,
Kísértéseken át Your hand is our leader,
S lefejted rólunk From our shoulders you demount,
Gonosz jármát The yoke of all evil.
Tiéd a nagyvilág Yours is all power, bliss,
Összes hatalma, üdve Of the vast Universe,
Mindöröktől kezdve Since time eternal,
Legyen mindörökre Be it forever.
  1. Arts: Magyar works of art date back thousands of years. Some, known today as "Scythian" or "Sarmatian" Treasures, are on display at various museums, including exhibitions in Oxford (Ashmolean Museum). Others, such as the Holy Crown of Hungary and the Royal Sceptre, decorated with the unmistakable Hun (also Celtic) knot - which is a meaningful religious symbol - are among the thousands of works of art, also on display or exhibited at various locations.

  2. Science: In the sciences - other than agriculture, farmland management and crop yield forecast of the Copper Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age - it was the Scythian (the Greeks name for the Magyars) Magi who tutored Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle on the sciences:

    "Plato often remembered that he and Pythagoras learned the best and most noble teachings from the Magi" (Clement of Alexandria); and, "...that the stars are on fire; that a lunar eclipse is the shadow of the Earth; that the soul survives death; that the rain is caused by changes in the atmosphere..." (Diogenes Laertius).

  3. Sports: In the world of sports, Hungary currently ranks 8th place - out of 138 participating countries - in the Summer Olympic games with 159 gold medals; and 1st place, prorated to population, with 16.1 gold medals per million. (For comparison, the top 7 countries' gold medals per million population are: Italy = 3.3, UK = 3.1, US = 2.9, France = 2.84, Germany = 2.81, USSR-Russia = 2.8, China = 0.3. All of these countries' gold medals are prorated to 24 games). And, despite his team's stunning defeat during the 1952 Olympic Games, every avid English soccer fan holds the Hungarian Golden Team in the highest esteem;

  4. Agriculture: A settled society in the Carpathian Basin is evidenced by its agriculture – both crop farming and livestock production - a lifestyle already well-established in Central-Europe's Copper Age (6th millennium BCE);

  5. Industry: All metal ages originated in the Carpathian Basin (John Dayton, Metals, Minerals, Glazing and Man, London, 1978);

  6. Security: Your army - and those of many other countries - still includes two "Hussar" regiments that uphold both the name and the traditional valor of the Magyar "Huszár" (Hungarian, "Húsz," twenty, and "ár," cost of, derived from the tax imposed on every 20 lots of land to cover the cost of one fully-equipped cavalryman and his mount);

  7. People: The aboriginal Magyars are a tolerant people whose unwritten motto is "Uplifting knowledge is the greatest gift a man can have." They offer that "gift," in the words of A. Grandpierre, "not with colonizing zeal, but unselfishly, serving the elevation of Mankind" (Ancient People of the Royal Magi: The Magyars: Selected Studies in Hungarian History, 2008, page 351). Below is a shortlist of Magyar and Hungarian-born, world renown Nobel Prize winners; scientists and inventors; and musicians, composers and conductors. (Not included are the dozens of internationally known writers and hundreds of artists):

Fülöp Lénárd Róbert Bárány
Richard Zsigmond Albert Szent-Györgyi
György Hevesy György Békésy
Jenő Wigner Gábor Dénes
János Bólyai Ányos Jedlik
János Irinyi Ignatius Semmelweis
Tivadar Puskás Loránd Eötvös
Kálmán Kandó Oscar Asbóth
Albert Fonó Ede Teller
Ferenc Erkel Ferenc Liszt
Jenő Hubay Ferenc Lehár
Imre Kálmán Ernő Dohnányi
Béla Bartók Zoltán Kodály
Sir György Solt Ferenc Louis Molnár

In light of the resurgence of violent Gypsy crimes in the Carpathian Basin, your comment adds insult to injury to the Gypsy gangs' countless victims, their families, friends and neighbours. There is nothing casual or funny about these vagrant foreigners robbing pensioners, stabbing children, raping schoolgirls, or killing world class athletes (e.g. Marian Cozma).

The people you label "Gypsy" are the same Magyars who died by the hundreds of thousands in battles with Asian hordes, expansionist religious powers, and Bolshevism and communism in the defence of Europe - your county included. To quote former U.S. President and historian, Theodore Roosevelt:

"This is the opportunity for me to express my thanks to the Hungarian nation for the heroism, with which she defended the European civilization, sword in hand, for close to a thousand years. The fate of this nation in the past was to defend against every uncivilized attack from the East, not only herself but also the West, not just the European West but also America in the womb of Europe. I say this, because I know your history and I would not declare myself to be a cultured man if I did not know it. I thank you once again. I ask every representative to declare in every district that America is indebted to the Hungarian people." (Speech before the Hungarian Parliament, April 2, 1910, Original unavailable, translated from Hungarian.)

Yet, in "appreciation" of our sacrifices for your welfare, you - and other ill informed, malicious or contracted members of the media - generate the kind of public disinformation that leads to such evils as the Trianon Dictate, a monstrous punishment founded on lies imposed on the Magyar Nation, a punishment we are forced to endure to this day. To quote Prime Minister Lloyd George:

"Some of the proofs, which our allies provided, were lies and distortions. We made decisions on false claims." (Lloyd George, Speech at Queens Hall in Pozzi, Henri: Századunk bűnösei, [Sinners of our century] p. 283).

The tragedy of the Trianon Dictate is not a sidebar to this letter: It is a poignant example of the dire consequences of irresponsible, malicious or contracted commentary by influential public figures. The human tragedy inflicted on the Magyars of the Carpathian Basin by the Trianon Dictate cannot even be estimated. Two thirds of Hungary's territory were given(!) away by the Entente powers - your government included - to newcomers - political or economic refugees - for the fabrication two new Slavic states, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia - both of which have since self-destructed - and to expand Romania across the Carpathians and into the Carpathian Basin. To this day, millions of Magyars are tormented by government-sponsored ethnic cleansing in Romania and in (today's) Serbia and Slovakia; violence against Magyar minorities in these countries are reaching epidemic proportions; and the cultural genocide of the Magyar language, art and beliefs is on the increase (e.g. the 2009 Slovak language law).

The plight of Magyars in the weakened, truncated Hungary is no less critical: The communist regime of the Cold War era - which still represents foreign interests - is kept in power by domestic and foreign mercenary riot police. Its answer to every public outcry against government atrocities is mace, tasers, nerve gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and the potentially lethal "viper," a telescopic steel pipe. Unelected chiselers fill ministerial portfolios; common criminals and agents (and citizens[!]) of foreign governments are appointed to senior government positions; embezzlement of public funds - under the guise of privatization of state property - has reached unprecedented proportions: Our county is being dismantled and shipped abroad.

These governments enact and enforce unconstitutional laws to bring about the death of a nation. Hungarian schools and hospitals are being closed; funding for health care is funneled to abortion clinics; the family farm is on the endangered list; domestic manufacturing is being routed; our natural resources - even the wind - are sold to foreign interests, the proceeds of which are deposited in foreign banks. Whereas in the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, the USA, as the matter of fact, in just about every civilized - and even uncivilized - country of the world, displays of patriotic sentiments are cheered and encouraged, the foreign-controlled media in Hungary labels Magyars who express their love for their nation "fascists," and the police force is deployed to break up peaceful gatherings morning fallen Magyar heroes. Ordinary citizens are jailed for wearing traditional Magyar clothing; children are barred from schools for displaying the Hungarian Coat of Arms on their ball caps; windows are broken for flying the Hungarian flag; national colors are banned from sporting events. Leaders of patriotic organizations are declared "terrorist," and incarcerated without a charge or sentenced by political courts on fabricated charges and fraudulent evidence. While "untouchable" Gypsy criminals are free to steel, rob and murder at will, old men are beaten half dead by the police for wearing a jacket embroidered with an outline of the Turul (falcon), a traditional Magyar religious symbol dating back thousands of years.

Although such heads of state as your own Prime Minister - and others, such as French President, Francois Mitterand (in 1991) - later recognized, they had made decisions based on lies, comments such as yours continue to fuel the disinformation campaign that negatively shapes public sentiment and world opinion regarding the Magyar Nation. The "Tragedy of Trianon" is the consequence of such doings. But, we neither need nor want sympathy: What we expect from our neighbours is their empathy, an understanding of the consequences of decisions based on disinformation, the moral courage to bear responsibility for those decisions, and the will to correct past mistakes.

No, Sir Michael Terence: We are not Gypsies. We are the people who share a common ancestry with the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh and many other aboriginal peoples of Europe. Perhaps a review of scientific literature and authentic source documents - such as the The Declaration of Arbroath - regarding the origins and culture of your close neighbors will shed some light not only onto the facts about Magyars, but also into the abyss of the BBC's "star celebrity."

Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt would not declare himself to be a cultured man if he were not aware of the facts about Hungarians. Would you? We believe a meaningful public apology to the Magyar people, aired over a medium of at least equal reach to that of your programme of May 21, would be the appropriate gesture of a cultured man and a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Yours truly,

Fehérlófő Study Group
Canada, Hungary, UK, USA

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