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The Suicide of Germany

The German population is aged and the birthrate is dangerously low: 1.38 children per woman. The immigrants are replacing the German population, which has been disappearing little by little. The Germans who pass away are the...

Az apostol - The Apostle

SÁNDOR PETŐFI THE APOSTLE A NARRATIVE POEM (1848) TRANSLATED BY VICTOR CLEMENT CORVINA PRESS Title of the Hungarian original: AZ APOSTOL The quotation on the cover is from the manuscript of The Apostle, in Petőfi's own...

Celts and Magyars

CELTS AND MAGYARS Sándor Timaru-Kast I. EUROPE'S IRON AGE PEOPLE About the origin of the Celts, their arrival in Europe and their settling in the Carpathian Basin The Celts "The first people living in...

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