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The Perilous State of Planet Earth and, within it, that of the Magyars in 2009

The Perilous State of Planet Earth
and, within it,
that of the Magyars in 2009

Tóth, Tibor

Translated by
Fehérlófő tankör (Study Group)

Now, then; let there ensue a brief summary of humanity's present situation from a Hungarian perspective. We will group the topics, but they must be seen as a whole. People, it's time to wake up! Enough of the establishment that manufactures masses stupefied by the media. To those who doubt it, I can only say, "look into it yourself."


Our planet is sick. This is unequivocally perceptible. The signs are manifest at the basic, elementary levels: devastating fires, floods, earth quakes, aerial storms. These anomalies signal that we live on a feverish, sick planet. And, we caused it; more precisely, that materialistic, profit-hungry, world-domination ideology that we can safely consider humanity's and Planet Earth's malignant cancer.

Sources of energy can no longer meet the demands of a progressively greedier, incessantly consuming and wasteful humanity - at least six planets would be needed to satisfy our hunger for energy. The ecological footprint of a man of the developed West is equal to the size of a small town(!).

We extract our plant's cushion of fat, the oil and, in gratitude, we spew it into the air creating greenhouse effect, destroying the ozone shield and letting in cosmic radiation. As a consequence of the exorbitant consumption, we generate quantities of waste that can no longer be processed. We are turning our own habitat into a garbage dump. Every day, species of animals become extinct.

As if the problem were not grave enough, we add insult to injury. In Alaska, the construction of the HAARP project, which took aim at our planet's primary electromagnetic protection, the ionosphere, is underway - once again, in the interest of reaching military and commercial goals(!).

Mankind is speeding toward its destruction like an express train. Perhaps it is not yet too late to redirect Man to that fork where he still knew the right path. Because the question is no longer whether there will be some sort of great destruction that will bring about cleansing in the near future: The question now is, when, and what form it will take? This materialistic, money-centred profit-chasing, nature-destructive world cannot continue. It seems that in the battle between Nature and Man, Man cannot, under any circumstances, be victorious. At most, he will drag into destruction Mother Earth as he goes down. (Source: Hetesi Zsolt, Tóth Ferenc).


Our native land, the Carpathian Basin is one of Planet Earth's richest region in every respect of life. According to some researchers, even if all life were to die out on the planet, this small arc could assure the survival of at least 25 million people and the necessary animal and plant stock. Our freshwater resources can sustain 200 million people (to this we must add: all our water resources originate from beyond the borders of the Trianon Dictate. On this basis, we are one of the most endangered countries today(!)). It is here that we find the thickest fertile soil... and the most fertile. Gigantic natural gas fields lie beneath us (Makó, Hajdúság, Somogy, etc.). Here we can find nearly every type of rock, mineral (gold, bauxite, etc.); here grows the most diverse plant life, from Mediterranean to needleleaf. It is here that the variety of vegetables, fruits is the greatest; it is here that the medicinal herb flora and medicinal waters are the richest. It is here that we find the greatest variety of landscape, from the puszta to high mountains. It is here that we find the world's most accessible floor heating, the geothermal heat energy sources and thermal waters. The endowment of hours of sunshine is exceptional - considering the hours of daylight (neither too little nor too much). Where we live is an ecological miracle surrounded by closed mountain ranges. A created Holy Land, a veritable Earthly paradise, the Carpathian Basin. The envy of certain circles is no coincidence.

Next, we need to know that the Magyar people are indigenous [native, aboriginal, autochtonos] to the Carpathian Basin. We can safely reset the first occupation to the post-Flood era, though it is plausible that it is precisely here that our ancestors had survived the flood and refuged their knowledge from earlier times. Our Motherland squarely possesses the qualities of an arc, which made it possible for humanity to survive repeated extinctions of civilizations and to start anew and spread from this point of origin. According to some theories, this had already happened several time on the planet (let us think about the Legends of Atlantis).

According the Tibetans, the Earth's Heart Chakra can be found, here, in the Pilis mountains, at Dobogókő. The entire Pilis, by the way, is a heart shaped region, but those who have been there know the wondrous purifying energies that radiate into Man in this countryside. The words of the head of the Royal White Monastery, located in a Far East country in Himalayas, Nepal, addressed to us are:

"You, Magyars, don't even know how proud you can be of your nation. We are certain that the world's intellectual, spiritual and immaterial rejuvenation will set forth from your country. The Earth's Heart Chakra is located in your country, in the Pilis mountains ( Dobogókő). This spiritual rejuvenation is already under way in your homeland(!). The Earth is in labour at this very moment: it is in the process of giving birth to the future... in the Carpathian Basin."

Trianon has taken much away from us, but, fortunately, what is most important, it could not: that the primary mission of the Magyars is the guardianship of the Earth's heart. We must also block the construction of subdivisions, amusement park centres undertaken by condescending foreign investors (!) (Source: Géczy Gábor, Aradi Lajos, Lajdi Péter).


The whole of history taught today is founded on lies. Mostly, Hungarian history is trans-woven with falsifications and forgeries. We can safely forget, in their entirety, the theories of ancient history that appear in our schoolbooks. By now, these have been wholeheartedly refuted by several branches of science (linguistics, archeology, genetics).

That the Magyar people descended from the primitive Finn-Ugor peoples of the Russian Steppes and, beaten, sought refuge in the Carpathian Basin, is one of the greatest falsifications of history. This fabrication successfully severed the Magyar nation from its roots. Yet, the official "Hungarian" position continues to reinforce this view; and this view is also what appears in schoolbooks(!). The strikingly anti-Magyar story-pundits (e. g., MTA) still maintain that the Magyar People is a barbarian, pagan horde that drifted here as a consequence of popular migration from the east. According to other opinions, we should look for the origins of the Magyars in Inner Asia. In reality, they all right and yet wrong. The Magyar People is the aboriginal inhabitant of the Carpathian Basin; and it is from here that it teemed out in several directions. This is why a people called Maghar is found in Kazakhstan; this is why they find a group of people of Magyar origins in Africa; this is why they find settlements bearing Magyar names in South America; this is why our relatives are found world wide.

The "most recent" infamous falsification of history, that is, the work up of the Finn-Ugor theory, was sponsored by the Habsburg dynasty to completely demolish the Magyar nation's heroic past, and thereby render the Magyar nation vulnerable by depriving it if its self-esteem. At that time, the House of Habsburg welcomed the theory of our Finn-Ugor relationship because, based on that theory, it could emphasize that our relatives were primitive hunting-gathering-fishing people, and that we ought to be thrilled that the advanced Europe accepted us.

Prior to this, we can find a layer of falsifications from the time of Saint István, a time when they were pushing to eradicatethe facts from the period before the (re)occupation of homeland, facts from the ancient Scythian-Hun Keresztény(!) past (1).

The antiquity of the Magyar past stretches back an incomprehensible distance in time. It is no wonder that there are as many origins and theories regarding us as there are scholars. If one asks people whose occupation is the pursuit of history, what interests them most, they invariably answer: the period before the [re]occupation of homeland, the ancient history of the Magyars.

Here are a few theories circulating these days regarding this period:

According to some, we originate from:

  1. The Turks;
  2. The Turanian family of peoples;
  3. The Huns;
  4. The Scythians;
  5. The Sumerians;
  6. The Mesopotamians;
  7. The Parthians;
  8. The Chaldeans;
  9. Jerusalem (Hierosolyma, that is, Holy Falcon);
  10. The Egyptians (the hieroglyphic writings are expounded using Hungarian);
  11. The Maya;
  12. Extraterrestrials from Sirius who settled the Island of Mu... (ever since the island sank, the ocean is Pacific).

It is evident from the above that this question is not yet settled. Nevertheless, every research has some basis. And the reason they cannot find a common denominator is that every one of the above peoples becomes connected to an ancient people, known by several names, a people known today as Magyar.

The Finn-Ugor theory is the greatest invention: it has no basis; the Finns have taken it out of heir history books in 2004. We, the peoples of Turul and the Magic-stag, have no cultural ties of any sort with the Northerners of the Bear-culture.

There exists a theory called "The Invented Middle Ages," which eloquently proves that some 300 years have been deliberately inserted into the history of the Midlle Ages. At least two reasons for this insertion are obvious:

  1. The chronology was falsified in the interest of procreating the non-existent ancient heroic past, the Charlemagne sort, upon which the entire developed Western world is constructed.

  2. With this fabrication, it became possible to claw an abyss between Atilla's Hun Empire and Árpád's (re)occupation of homeland-era Magyars. This is how it became possible to refute the Magyar Krónikák [Hungarian Chronicles], and, most importantly, to sever the Magyars from their ancient Scythian-Hun continuance. According to the Hungarian Képes Krónikák, The House of Árpád can be traced back to King Atilla through a total of only five generations; and from there, the family tree can be followed back to Nimrod. And, from there, Noah is but two steps back.

This is the family tree a certain group of people would like to see forgotten.

Today, fellow sciences - archeology, linguistics, folk music research, genetics - are able support history eloquently. Based on this support, the facts may be expressed as:

  • The so-called [mtDNA, M17 (Eu19)] gene marker of the human body's genetic make up is found in the Magyars in the highest measure ~ 60%. In other groups of peoples, this ratio is far more evanescent. (True, the Magyar People are composed of several genetic [sub]groups - Jász, Kun, etc. - and this ratio is not as high in all of them.)

  • The Székely-Magyar runic writing is nearly identical to the ancient sumerian writing of Mesopotamia. Despite all efforts to "Finn-ugor-ize" or "Turk-ize" us, the fact remains that the official position of the science of linguistics is that the origin of 60% of the Magyar language is unknown. Ours is the only language that describes its environment in subsistence, in experience. The EnglishLanguage does not "anglicize," the French Language does not "francisize" [to explain]. Only the Magyar Language "Magyar-izes," that is, "Magyaráz" [explains](!). For example, the two meanings of the word "hegy" [hill, point] refer to the same shape. This descriptive language-imagery does not exist in other languages. Our complete vocabulary consists of more than two million words(!).

  • The abundance of archaeological finds proves that, of the linguistic evidence found so far, artifacts bearing Magyar inscriptions are the oldest. For example, the Tatárlakai troves, the 7,000 year old tablets written in runic writing - which are 1,500 years older than the oldest clay tablets found so far in Mesopotamia - can be deciphered with Magyar runic reading skills. Based on this fact, the French Académie des Sciences declares that the cradle of Mankind, and human aptness for writing and culture, originated not in Mesopotamia, but rather in Erdély, [Southeast Carpathian Basin], Europe. Later, the Paris International Oriental Congress adopted this stance, generating a true world sensation. Sadly, though typically the (in name only) Hungarian media, in a massive, united and truly spirited fashion, has shunned this world sensation with its hysterical, Earth-shattering silence.

  • During excavations conducted in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, statuettes of animals literally came to light. These statuettes bear witness to the names of the sumerian people's animals - "racka" sheep, "puli" dogs, "kuvasz," "komondor" [canine breeds], "rideg" cattle [bovine breed]. All these words are hauntingly identical to the names of the Magyars' animals. Aside from us, Magyars, no one else in the world has such animals. Based on evidence from grave excavations, the Scythians have been proven to be the most ancient people on Earth, more ancient than the Egyptians. And our chronicles originate the Magyars from the Scythians.

  • The pyramids discovered in today's Bosnia are 35,000 years old, and contain Székely runic inscriptions(!).

  • Computerized comparative research supports the thesis that the basis of all of Eurasia's folk music can be found in Magyar folk music.

  • The Tamana Culture research proved that every continent of our planet is replete with names (places, rivers, mountains, etc.) of Magyar origin. The word "magyar," in one form or another (magor, madjar, maghar, etc.), is found on nearly every continent. It is no coincidence that "Maya," too, resembles this word. The name Mani, founder of the ancient Parthian Manicheanreligion, is eerily similar to the name of the "Indian" [Algonquin] Manitou ["life energy;" also "Kitchi-Manitou," "Creator Spirit"]. According to some theories, the noticeable similarities among these names are the results of the spread and popular migration after the Flood or the Ice Age. What is interesting is that all these names have relevant Magyar connections. Now, then: where did this dateless spread originate?

  • Of the 56 particularities of the Sumerian grammar, 53 figure in the Magyar Language. Researchers at Université Paris-Sorbonne have concluded that, of today's world languages, Magyar is the only language that has kept 68% of its ancient etymons, that is, the original elements of humanity's primeval language. For comparison, it should be mentioned that this retention is:

    • 4% in the English Language;
    • 5% in Latin;
    • 12% in Tibetan;
    • 26% in Ancient Turkish.

The Magyar Language can be called the primeval language. This is why Magyar words are found in every language of the world. But we did not borrow these words: Rather, since ours is Mankind's most ancient language, it is clear that every other language became an heir to this inheritance.

They constantly falsify our history so that this ancient people would not awaken to self-awareness , this people also known as the "People of Knowledge" and the "Mag [seed, high, derived from itself, sublime ] People." After the Habsburgs came the Jewish invention, Bolshevism-Communism, which all but routed freedom of thought. Fortunately, today, with the help of the Internet, anyone can access the truth. Day by day, atrocious lies, fed to the Magyars since who knows when, are being exposed. Our current constitution is also the 1949 Communist constitution's legal continuity, which completely excludes the thousand year old jurisdiction of The Holy Crown.




Throughout our history, the "Western developed states" have, in fact, always betrayed us - Mohács, Trianon, 1956. We need not elaborate. We can be certain that the EU is already directed by the same money elite who have set absolute domination of Europe as their goal. This is why the EU increasingly resembles the model of the Soviet Union; the European Parliament is as much a puppet show as our domestic Parliament.

We can safely state that our joining the EU not only did not improve our situation, but rather, lead to the destruction of the Magyar nation. Strict quality and production controls have been brought in to choke the economy, but the wedding ring did not bring prosperity(!). The countless impracticable and illogical regulations have completely floored agriculture. Education is in a nosedive: The schools breed managers, businessmen, rather than genuine professionals and tradesmen. The multinational concerns 'territorial grabs have completely destroyed the native Magyar producers' livelihood. Europe's breadbasket has become Europe's kitchen-piglet: We get to eat the swill. Our kids, today, cannot stomach wholesome farm milk and don't crave after home baked cookies, because they have been cajoled into to consuming chips, colas, morning drinks,concocted preparations composed of artificial taste-enhancing substances derived through chemical experimentation. We import fruits from distant countries rather than eat the neighboring village growers' produce. Slowly but surely, GMO (genetically modified organisms) crop plants and energy plants, etc., are coming. These are truly the apices of human folly: When Man tries to play creator, he is endangering our health.

Our EU accession has made it possible to institute those gigantic giga-investments - valley bridges, tunnels under agricultural land, the No. 4 metro, etc. - whose merits of usefulness are worth investigating in depth(!).

In what measure is Hungary better off since joining the European (Soviet) Union?

  • The Multinational capital empires are freely vandalizing the country; and, except for lobbyists and bribed political stooges, the nation became poorer.

  • A gigantic Water-on-the-Brain culture has grown on top of an already sprawling bureaucracy. They are trying to solve the problems of the country from Brussels, in total ignorance of the factual situation.

  • The Hungarian real wages continue to be one quarter or one fifth of the EU average. There is general disappointment in the EU accession. What they call "Help" is foreseen only in the form of further credit. Thank you, we don't wish to further indenture ourselves(!).


It is fair to say that globalization is Mankind's largest and most dangerous virus. When it attacks an - until then - isolated social system, say an island, it immediately starts to devour its lands and energy resources; destroys its local, national values; and, using technology (TV, cell phones, motor vehicles, etc.), stupefies and poisons the local population with stunning efficiency. Goat's milk is replaced by Coca-Cola; community life, by "chat-rooms;" leather trousers by jeans. Multinational corporate giants appear with their low grade but cheap products, and thereby kill off the native, local producers' livelihood. The media breaks in, and drastically changes the local, national system of values into a "citizen of the world" cosmopolitan view, resulting in the creation of a society of brainwashed masses.

"Advanced" cities with autoroutes are built, which then gradually siphon off labor from agricultural production, reducing large portions of the population to states of dependence on and servitude to the multinational provider system. The self-sufficiency that has existed for thousands of years is terminated, and symptoms of a consumer society begin to appear - dependence on energy providers, pharmaceutical corporations, food processing plants; bureaucratic offices, supplier institutions. And the local people don't even notice the danger until it is too late. They are mesmerized by technological novelties, but don't notice that they are entering into the spiral of consumer dependency. To top it off, banks appear to provide the greatest "assistance" in the realization of the new institutions and urban constructions, and thereby drive the local people into complete indebtedness.

The basics of globalization are as follows: herd the people into cities and sever them from nature to make them dependent and, therefore, controllable. You have moved in, bought a condo. Now calculate your worth. What do you have? Nothing. What are you dependent on? Everything - energy (water, gas, electricity, etc.), food, medicine, everything. You have become a prey of the multinationals, offices and suppliers. There. The perfect consumer society is up and running. I wonder why certain people want to make the peasantry's situation impossible? Why are they destroying farmland? Why do they burden agriculture so inhumanely? Is it because they are self-sufficient? I believe, Hungary could develop a fully self-sufficient society. We have all the needed natural energy resources(!).

The latest researches are focusing on ways to make cities energy efficient, nature friendly. They are experimenting with extreme insulation, use of solar energy, waste-fuelled furnaces, heat energy generated from household garbage, etc., etc. These ideas are not bad, but the theory is fundamentally flawed: Cities crammed with skyscrapers will never be natural, not to mention the human masses corralled into them. These technological innovations, though they reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, they don't solve one of the gravest problems, that is, the severance of Man from nature. Protection of the environment is the right direction, but it is also an enormous business. This is why this cause is unclear.

Two to three generations of city dwellers are enough to completely wipe the names of plants out of popular memory. In the minds of the city kids, cows are purple, and defecate "Milka" chocolate bars. This is frightening(!).

I can easily imagine a not too distant future where a GPS is implanted under everyone's skin. People will have to stand in line every morning to be fed a daily portion of nutrient extract, siphoned through a tube or introduced through an artificial opening in the body [as it is already the practice with dairy cows]. In the cities, droid factories are being prepped: human droids(!).

A friend of mine wants to move to Indonesia where, though there is poverty, people live happily and, more important, in harmony with nature. In my opinion, it not necessary to move away to reach such goals. We can do it right here, in our own homeland.

If you are unhappy, go find an open field or climb a mountain. The might of nature will immediately intoxicate you. But, for a man who drives his Audi A8 or SUV even to the corner store, this is hard to believe. What is the problem? Let us wake up, people! This planet was created for us not to consume it but, rather, to live with it in harmony.

Can we imagine a village that is self-sufficient; a village where the villagers themselves produce, manage, consume and use everything? And here, we are not talking about Domestos and Colgate Totals. Waiting in the TESCO line, I looked at the packed armies of merchandise. I thought a while... "Do like evebody else!" When I was a child, there were three types of chocolate, Balaton, Sport and Négercsoki. And it was plenty. Was it not? Now look at the sweets shelves: It's awful. In those days, there were two types of detergents; and they met all our cleaning needs. Now look at the chemical offerings! The only word that comes to mind is, scary. People, do we need this? The self-sufficient village produces natural products, naturally. It draws its water from drilled wells; it heats with firewood (as long as people used wood only to heat their houses, forests were never depleted). Energy can be harvested in many ways. But today's man does not easily give up the comfort he is used to (e. g., flush toilets, electronic gadgets, etc.) We already have renewable energy and reusable gray water technologies, but these are not backed. Self-sufficient villages can meet our nutritional needs; and we have our unique medicinal herbs to meet our health care needs.

What else do we need to live? Community. (not the kind of family life where one member is gawking at the TV while another is sitting in front of his computer, etc.). The layout of panel apartments is notoriously anti-family. There is not a single area where the whole family can sit down together (in the best of cases, this is the parents' bedroom). Many units don't even include a dining area where the whole family could sit down for dinner, and thereby preserve the last ritual of family life. The fabric of the family is being torn to shreds. The psychological impact of panel apartments on the children's' development is devastating: Family members must climb over each other to get to an inner room, or the rooms are so small and depressing that the home environment subverts the children's mental development. How many times do we hear of bitter domestic infighting in panel apartments? These are the symptoms of cabin fever, and communion deficiency. In villages, everybody knows everything about everybody, In panel apartments, only a door separates neighbors, yet they become total strangers to each other.

To find the cause of this disease, we need to ask, what is it that Man has no time for today? Perhaps it is the time for what is most important: the family. We drive ourselves to reach some useless goal, to have one more unnecessarily object (car, DVD, plasma TV, etc.), while we forget to celebrate what we have already achieved so far, what we have already assembled. Hence, we live out our lives in perpetual thankless rush. Have we ever thought about how many thousands of useless objects we have? As stated above, the ecological footprint of a man of the developed West is equal to the size of a small town. Why can we never maintain order in our dwellings? Why do we have to reshuffle, rearrange our things every other day? Because we stockpile useless plastic gadgets; that's why. The kids' room is flooded with children's toys, some of witch are never picked up for more than a couple of hours in the child's entire lifetime. So why do we pack the room full of toys? On a farm, the child plays out in the yard or in the fields and develops his common, so-called "horse" sense at an early age. This no coincidence. The urban child might know all about electronic gadgets, but what happens if the power goes out for a week? What does he do; how does he cope? It is an enormous responsibility in child rearing (too) to not limit the development of skills to the use of cell phones or the latest 5.2 video game to perfection. As technology progresses, Man regresses. Put another way, technological evolution has caused human devolution. Man's makeup has degenerated from valiant huszár to computer geek. And let us feed our children fruits and vegetables, not multi-vitamins; and not rub them down with body lotions, because it weakens their vital immune system and creates dependency.

Many people live in a dreamworld. They don't see the real danger, this dependency, this useless pursuit of profits and wastefulness. We must not rely on governments or politicians; nor can we expect much from abroad. Those who long for the "functional" Western system and are pushing to "catch up" with the West live in delusion. Up until (historically) recent times, a truly functional agrarian-economy based on self-provision, crop-production and animal husbandry had been in place in the Carpathian Basin for thousands of years(!). We should expect most of the help from family and people who live in our immediate proximity. But we must also reciprocate in kind.

Globalization has eradicated, first and foremost, self-preservation, self-defense, independence, and the community. There is no end to the dangers and mistakes that threaten our lives today. But we can find the best, most human-friendly solutions out in close proximity to nature, in our villages. This is the only path to independence, self-sufficiency, the natural human life.

The manufactured, genetically manipulated food products literally crammed down our throats clearly include toxic substances, but the truth about their harmful effects are hushed up. More and more people develop allergies. The U.S. FDA wants to bring in "guidelines" (read, bans) on December 31, 2009 regarding vitamins and nutritional supplements which, according to WTO and FAO estimates, may cause the death of three billion people(!).



Money is created virtually out of thin air by privately owned banks that are completely independent of states. Here, the word virtually takes on second meaning: No longer just worthless paper and paint, money is now also created electronically by simply typing in a number on a keyboard. That is all it takes. This virtual zero-value money is then loaned out at interest (physically, the depositors' money), which is later collected with interest in the form of real money, that is, money whose value had been generated by actual labor which gives it true worth. Does this make sense? Zero worth, that is, unsecured money is released into the economy as credit, and returns to the banks, with interest, as real money - now, as physical currency - secured by the work of producers.

It is becoming increasingly clear that deliberate interests are responsible for triggering the current crisis, too, as so many times before in history. This is non other than a process launched by the planet's leading banker dynasties. Their aim is to ruin competing smaller banks; to drive every country into debt; and to herd everyone into a corral designed for world domination. The recipeis selfsame everywhere: First, Turkey, Argentina, and now Hungary and the counties of the former Soviet Union bloc. The main goal is the establishment of the supremacy of the World Bank and that of a synthetic world currency (SDR) to replace the dollar. (The BRIC member countries (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China), however, will have a word or two to say about this.) (Source: Drábik János - He is abundantlysufficient).


The universe consists almost exclusively of energy. Human technical development has long ago reached the level where we can move beyond the use of fossil fuels that are destroying the environment. Scores of inventions in the field of energy industry already exist, but as long as murderously powerful lobbist of billionaire concerns are free to operate, the use of alternative sources of energy cannot be brought into circulation. The energy crisis is real, but it should be understood that this is a crisis of the oil, coal and gas transporters' - and, therefore, business that deal in these commodities. Inventions for the use of "free energy" and sources of far more tangible, manufacturable and renewable energy have been around for a long time. But these don't seem to be getting the needed support.

Sources of Energy

An analysisby physicist, Hetesi Zsolt, ELTE lecturer, is available in Hungarian at: http://astro.elte.hu/~hetesizs/FFEK/jelentes.pdf ("A Fenntartható Fejlődés Egyetemközi Kutatócsoport [Sustainable Development and Resource Inter-university Research team]). Professor Hetesi reports that we are reaching the end of our resources as a consequence of immeasurable consumption and output excesses. The consumer crisis could be squarely resolved: Everyone needs to cut back. A family does not need two cars; there is no need for yet another DVD player; there is no need for 5,000 objects (try to count them) in an apartment. Fifty is enough.


Secret societies have always existed. Certain interest groups were already active in antiquity. In Europe, the first major banker dynasties must have appeared about 7-800 years ago. It is needless to specify the nationality of the families that constituted the majority of these dynasties. At first, they were the Medicis and the Fuggers. Later, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers put their hands on incredibly huge amounts of money which gave them enormous power. Of the people living on this Earth, the sons of one particular people have always openly aspired to achieve world-domination, since this is also the cornerstone of their religious beliefs as "The Chosen People."

But the opportunity for the implementation of this goal fell into the hands of a few banker dynasties who, along with the Wartburgs and the Bilderberg group, etc., have been shaping the wheels of history for centuries. Even today, they play a determining role, except that they have become increasingly invisible. At present, 500 families rule the material realm of planet Earth.

If the human race would consist of 10 people, and its riches would be $100, then $99 would be in the hands of one person and $1 would be in the hands of the remaining 9. This is the distribution of the Earth's wealth at present. That particular $99 is in the hands of that few hundred families. They direct every government through "legal" organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, the FED, etc.

The masonic lodges have been slowly taken over by that certain organization know as illuminati, the brain child of the Jewish Adam Weishaupt, and whose ultimate purpose is the exercise of unlimited power over a Humanity forced into anarchy and terror. Throughout history, these families and organizations have been caught red-handed on several scenes: For example, they financed the World Wars on both sides. These Zionist banker groups were the ones who enticed and dragged the US into all of its major wars (Independence, WW I, WW II, Vietnam, Irak, etc.). And, naturally, the true victors of these wars were always the banks: Through loans, they financed arms, matériel and supplies and, after the war, loans for reconstruction.

By way of amazing craft, these "people" brought into existence the liberal-capitalist system that began with the French Revolution in the West; and for the East, they engineered Bolshevik-Communism. (for further reading [in Hungarian], see:

http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/judeolog/konyv2/fehst.htm )

Today, we can see how they subjugated Iraq under the pretext of "anti-terrorism" [following the WMD hoax]; they are tormenting Afghanistan; and now they have put their crosshairson Iran, China's primary energy supplier. What the hell is the U.S. doing in the Middle East in the first place? What interest does it have in these - until recently sovereign - states? Oil.

World Government

Many times, many people have already analyzed, the The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. A variety of legends surround its disclosure and, of course, it has been declared a "forgery" in every conceivable way (by whom, I wonder?). The banning of this literary product is further proof of its authenticity. In any case, everything that had been written down in these Protocols in 1897, has taken place during the last century. Globalization is the pre-planned invention of Zionists. And it has come to glaring fulfillment. Rights, money and the media are concentrated in the hands of a few; people are being turned into indifferent, apathetic masses, droids. The four superpowers of the biblical prophecies (EU, Union of North America, Asian and African Union) are gradually taking shape, which will eventually fall under the authority of a super-government. The American media has already begun to slither the benefits of RFID chip implants in people (developed by the Israeli(!) MOTOROLLA [ sic ] company and manufactured by MONDEX) planting the idea, How wonderful, that I can be reached everywhere and, if I get lost, I can be identified and located anywhere.

People: This chip already exists and is being implanted into Americans as we speak. This is how human freedom will definitely end. Anyone's societal data, bank account, etc., can be erased with the push of a button; with the aid of satellites, Man will be observable and controllable everywhere(!). It is amazing that during the last century, these plans have already been exposed several times, yet no one seems able to stop their implementation. Everything is proceeding according to the plan conceived thousands of years ago. Who have always aspired to rule the world? Who have already realized 90% of this aspiration? They are experts at understanding and exploiting human sheepishness. The excellent documentary film, Zeitgeist - which can be downloaded from the internet free of charge - educes exceptionally well the process by which the FED, the company directed by a few banker dynasties, rose to absolute power on this planet. They control the USA in every respect; and the World Bank and the IMF are in their hands as well.

A few more examples of what has already become reality:

  • Every state is indebted, and thus helpless; ran by puppet governments;

  • The banking system, the media (TV, radio, newspapers) are almost completely under their rule;

  • The legal system and the bureaucracy are so convolutedand complex that it is nearly impossible to find one's way through it;

  • They have made agriculture (self reliance) inviable; they have choked the life out of it with burdens and regulations;

  • The primary producer, the farmer, is in a hopeless situation;

  • The entertainment industry is poisoning, stupefying people on an unprecedented scale;

  • Everyone's life is subject to his or her credit, the providers, the offices [government departments];

  • The education system "produces" (manufactures) businessmen and managers who accumulate enormous quantities of knowledge - that is totally useless for natural life - but don't know how to plant a carrot;

  • Manual workers, tradesmen and craftsmen (blacksmiths, coopers, etc..) are all slowly disappearing, and in their places scores of unemployed graduates boasting multiple diplomas are running around in circles;

  • In nearly every state, regulations that tread on expressions of nationhood and reinforce the police state are taking effect. (It seems that the police force of nearly every state is equipped with the same implements. Just take a look!).

The banking system, economic crises, wars, famine, epidemics, biological and chemical weapons deployments, etc., are also means Zionists pushing for a World Government employ. As stated earlier, they were the ones who dragged the US into all four of its major wars (both World Wars, Vietnam, Irak). We must see the complexity to understand its substance. Many people are familiar with only one particular field, e. g., finance. But the don't see relationships: They don't see that it is the Zionist interest that gets the protection of the law, media support and screening , the driver seats of governments. Local wars always break out in the interest of some profit target, and so forth. This system is the product of frightful mental convolution. One day we will perhaps understand this whole diabolical plan.

The ultimate goal and effect of all of these measures, of course, is to drive a societal system - broken by wars, economic crises, famine, disease - under a monocracy with much greater ease. In the past, we used to think that the real virus of the Earth was Man. We were wrong. It is not even the Jewry as a whole. We must narrow it down further: The real danger is the company of Zionist, Bolshevik-communist, neo-liberal, globalist, kabbalist, banker money elite, who are truly a chosen people. The big question is, who chose them and for what purpose? (Source: Drábik János)


For centuries. the Hungarian Kingdom has successfully repelled a series of attacks launched by Western banker dynasties. She was able to remain independent. King Mátyás reclaimed the abducted Holy Crown from them at an exorbitant cost - a small fortune. After his death, however, the money landers infiltrated our homeland, too, and slowly, deliberately, ruined, indebted the country. It should be noted that the Magyar nation has been progressively sinking into the depths of darkness since the death of our last wholly legitimate king, Mátyás. The accent was the installation of a 40-year Communist regime, the implementation of the same Bolshevik ideology that had hatched in the minds of sons of a specific people - you will not believe which one(!).

It certainly seems, there is a people that has set its eyes on, and has bought up Hungary - because their present homeland is, for all intents and purposes, a desert war zone under attack on all borders. Slowly but surely, all major enterprises, energy industries, factories, etc., are falling into their hands. They have started to buy up real estate, companies, to be followed by massive land acquisitions. Movable state (and therefore national[!]) assets have found their way into foreign hands at prices well below their true value under a scheme called privatization. These buyers, in contrast to the Magyars, are far more aware of the fact that the Carpathian Basin is a real treasure mine(!) - the treasure mine of life. This is the reason these buyers want it. In Israel, the Szabadsághíd [Liberty Bridge, Budapest] is already advertised with the caption, "Come to the New Homeland"(!).

We cannot count on our government, but neither can we count on the "elite" political parties. They are the ones who are assisting the pillage with the most zeal. We can safely - and with noble simplicity - call the present political elite, traitors [i. e., their acts treasonous].

Every month, new arrangements are signed with international organizations. Using these instruments, they can remove almost anything from the country (see the terms of the IMF loan), even The Holy Crown. The goal is to create the chaos necessary to launch the nation into a Civil War(!). Evidently, some forces have been preparing for this armed conflict for some time now(!). This is why new measures and provisions are brought in daily, artifices exceptionally well conceived to induce a violent clash between Magyars and Gypsies. This stratagem has only one purpose: Divide and conquer. Magyars in their own homeland are being punished with utmost rigor and their blood is being siphoned out of their veins while Gypsies are supported by every means (Human Rights!!!). Examples of such means are recognition and acceptance [by the Courts] of the liberals "livelihood crime" [no punishment - and no order of restitution - for theft and robbery below a set value (currently equivalent to the total monthly income of a lowly pensioner)]; lighter sentences for Gypsies; and the official denial and prohibition of the use of the term, "Gypsy Criminal Activity." These measures and provisions lead directly to Civil War, which has a single purpose: divide and conquer.

There is a double standard in Hungary. Foreign investor immediately receive every preference and allowance while Magyar small and medium size enterprises are failing daily. Israeli citizens immigrating to Hungary get immediate access to residential accommodation, while hardly any Magyars are left in Budapest. Gypsies are closing ranks while Magyar children are growing dull. We need not even speak of the itinerant Gypsies' incredible work-avoidance practices, thanks to the social assistance programs they enjoy.

It may sound alarmist, but there are researchers who state that piped drinking water and our foodstuffs contain substances harmful to health (e. g., potash) in ratios - and do not contain adequate ratios of basic elements and compounds (sodium chloride) - that over the years cause bone density loss, infertility and other diseases.

Pesticides and fertilizers are damaging the soil - and, therefore, crops and produce - and rendering it inert: http://www.aquanet.fw.hu/

They are taking money out of child heath care to fund abortion. For the past eight years, 40-50% of Hungary's child population has been of Gypsy extraction. A conscious genocide is taking place all around us while we still gawk at "Győzike-show" [a provocative reality show featuring Gypsies, scripted to incite hatred](!). It is becoming impossible to not notice correlations(!). The administration is brewing the time-honored divide and conquerrecipe exceptionally well, here.

In the interest of clarity, here are some facts:

  • The police force is in ruins; the leadership is corrupt to the bone and under political direction. The political elite are, simply put, treasonable;
  • Government installations and personnelare protected by a firm of Israeli roots, In-Kal Security - a private army;
  • To what extent the Mossad had infiltrated the police force can only be guessed;
  • The administration is pitting Gypsies against Magyars, while it recruits them into the ranks of the police force (with much lower standards); http://www.postaimre.com/politika/elkerulheto-e-a-tudatosan-szitott-polgarhabaru/
  • Hungary is a target destination: Properties and land are being gubbled up at an alarming rate. In the majority of cases, these acquisitions can be directly linked to Israeli owners. (Behind most real estate businesses, they are there as "benign" investors - in my personal, work experience). The activities of foreign investors - disregarding a few local government representatives - have been anything but beneficial for us: They don't pay taxes; they pay their work force slave wages; they are pumping profits out of the country through their pipelines; etc.
  • Residential developments that remain empty - and are not for sale - are being continuously erected. They are awaiting the new home-conquerors.
  • We need only to look at Pest and Buda... Soon, protection will have to provided for these foreign, "legal" squatters.
  • Dobogókő, Velencei Lake, Balaton, etc., are becoming a series of real estate Panamas.
  • The banking sector - and we know of what extraction are its banker owners - is progressively taking away the homes of people who are no longer able to meet their payment obligations.
  • The "Holy Land" is no longer such a great place to live. This January has been the driestand hottestin sixty years. "Winter lasted less than two months;" they only received 50-60% of the annual rain fall - the desert regions only about 30%. They need a new Holy Land and, in contrast to the majority of Magyars, they know all too well what treasure-land we live in(!).
  • The Hungarian Armed Forces are deployed in Afghanistan (far, far away(!)). What are Israeli soldiers doing here, while the administration is finding new excuses to keep Magyar soldiers abroad?
  • Israeli commandos(!) are conducting "anti-terrorist" maneuversand exercises at Ferihegy [Budapest airport], Terminal 2B.
  • The so-called "Hungarian" media - of known ownership - is producing stupefied masses, and kills important news with its lethal silence. Every day there are more and more Jewish faces on the tube.
  • The so-called "Magyar" "Nemzeti" Bank's (MNB) ["Hungarian" "National" Bank] sole accounting obligation is to the international capital empires (e. g., the IMF). It refuses to acknowledge that we have already repaid the state debt eleven (11) fold. At the time of the "Regime Change", we could have written off all our accumulated debt, but the "Magyar" [in name only] elite of the time "chose" not to.
  • A minimum of 80% of the GDP has been privatized at approximately one fifth of its real value. To top it off, the proceeds from the discounted sales of national assets were not returned to the nation but, rather, channeled into the coffers of the MNB. Add to this the incessant siphoning of money out of the country with the help of interest payment schedules and multinationals. Reforms [going on] here, are not limited to the confiscation of the "thirteenth" pension check(!).
  • With the signing of the The Treaty of Lisbon, the Sovereign State of Hungary has effectively ceased to exist.
  • Last December, in Brussels, the NATO Foreign Ministers of the Member States signed the agreement with the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Livni, which allows joint military "anti-terrorism" exerciseson the territory of any member state. That the Hungarian General Staff neglected to notify the population of this is quite understandable, since "these ragtag peons' only role in society" is to pay taxes. It is also quite understandable that the official and largest "opposition" party did not find it necessity to inform the people, since it, "Zsidesz" [a coined word made up of "Zsidó" Jew, and the official name of the FiDeSZ party], did not choose to become the Likud's [Israeli political party] "brother" without a shared cause.
  • The country is divided. Even within families, deliberately fomented politically motivated dissension is tearing the nation apart.

By now, the picture puzzle should be taking shape in everyone's mind(!). The main problem is not with the Gypsies, not even with the Jewry in general. Look up the "Rózsadombi Paktum!" [Rózsadomb Pact]. Whether it is just a hoax or not, it is by now obvious that its terms have been realized.

Folks, this is no longer a joke or paranoia(!). Anyone who dares to verify these facts is immediately stigmatized with anti-semitism, racism, right-extremism. This is not right-wing but, rather, national(!) interest. There is no right-wing or left-wing. There are only patriotic and treasonable. Nor is it anti-semitism but, rather, self-preservation, the defense of our homeland(!). We must not allow the kind of fate the people of Gaza must endure. We must not succumb to hatred, but it does no harm to clearly see the factual situation today in Inner Hungary (Source: Posta Imre).


Once again, only the most recent researches prove, that the Magyars were not a pagan, barbarian peoples before the time of their homeland (re)conquest. Rather, they were and advanced, cultured and deeply religious people. Archaeological finds and graves from Árpád's age - long before the Roman Catholic Church's invagination - reveal hundreds of breast-crosses, but we can go all the way back to Atilla (this is the correct spelling), a devout follower of the Jesus Faith. Incidentally, the House of Árpád' can be traced back to Nimrod and from there, to Noah. These finds are causing a lot of headaches in some circles(!).

The religious dictates forced on us at the founding of statehood brought a deformed religion, Judeo-Christianity, onto the Magyar people - and the rest of the world. The ideologies enshrined in the dogma of this religion is as alien to us today as it was then. In addition, it has been repeatedly shown that the Bible has been rewritten several times, with "appropriate" corrections, and that it has long lost the gist if its original teaching: neighborly love.

Why can we not come to terms with the laws and stories of the Old Testament where the leading "starts" can put their hands on profits by way of dishonest dealings? Why is it that the New Testament, Jesus' teachings, are closest to our views? We even have evidence, letters, of Jesus' Magyar (Scythian, Parthian) extraction, but certain beliefs have a real aversion to this reality. But, honestly, the essence is not the body he was born in, but rather, that his teachings diametrically oppose the teachings of the Old Testament and the ideologies of the people who represent it (see Tora, Talmud). However, his teachings are very close to, for example, the elements of the ancient Magyar religion preserved by the Táltos of Rábaköz, collected by Máté Imre under the name "Yotengrit." In this ancient religion, the story of Creation is much closer to the Darwinian theory of evolution, and for more credible, a good deal closer to nature than in the the other kind.

They are trying to present Jesus as a Jew at all costs. Unwittingly, the question emerges: Since the need to heal is always the greatest at the centre of the outbreak of a disease, where the number of sick is the highest, is it mere coincidentce that Jesus appeared among the "chosen people" (even if he was not born from among them)?

Incidentally, the Bible is replete with words of Magyar origin. Armies of linguists have researched the Magyar Language, and oftentimes, they came to a dead end: Since they could not classify it, they came to the conclusion that it is an ancient root language. The only crown that is referred to by the noun extension "Holy," and bears images of Jesus and Mary, is ours. Forget the centuries-old stupefying disinformation, and acknowledge once and for all that the Magyars are an ancient magnificent people(!), people whose calling is to show example, to teach and to heal. Learning and coming to terms with the truth is long overdue.

The Essene gospels, written on the recently discovered "Dead Sea scrolls," show the kind of teachings of Jesus that were not left out of the Bible by accident, teachings that speak far more about neighborly love. We can find among the web pages Az igazi Jézus [The Real Jesus], as well as Bíró Lajos' discussion, Magyar Jézus. Both are worth reading. I'm not sure they are absolutely right, but the substance, the gist of their message is that our faith is in our blood, no matter how much these materialistic times are trying to oppress it. (We have lost our faith and what's left is credit [this is a play on words, "hitet" and "hitel," which does not translate meaningfully]). I can only encourage everyone to believe in a divine plan in which everybody's has a role, but the Magyar people's role is particularly significant. Why is it that once one is "converted," one immediately begins to convince others to find their faith? Because it is an incredibly uplifting feeling. Everyone ought to find within himself or herself the superior Creator by whom we exist. A wonderfully complex, diverse Universe such as the one we live in could not have come into existence by itself. (Source: Pap Gábor, Szántai Lajos).

In summary, we can say that the present social system on the planet an absolutely sick, manipulated, whored, and corrupted. This material-crazy, materialistic world is transporting Mankind towards the gates of Hell like a runaway freight train. According to the Bible, a world government will take form - we are already experiencing its signs. World War III is at our threshold; the new balance of power is already here: The Israel-directed US plus the EU are growling at the Russia-China-Iran and the countries of the Middle East Alliance. World War III willmost likely be fought between NATO and the BRIC blocs. It is unlikely that we can avoid it even if many of us come to our senses. Perhaps our most important task now is to prepare for the war, famine, epidemics, and in general, for a paradigm shift, following the purification of humanity. We can only hope that there will be a few of us left to begin a fresh start. Life cannot stop, even if it must exist at the stone age level.

The special features of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin favor us, but this comes with an enormous task. By defending the Earth's Heart Chakra and drawing strength from it, we must show example to a lost, blackened humanity on how it is possible to conquer the domination of money and what true LIFE is all about. The universe is not about the power over material existence. This is a notion invented by Man, but which by now has proven to be the wrong direction.

We, too, are chosen people, but not because we are any better or smarter than anybody else or because we have an urge to rule over everyone else - as Jews view themselves: Our selection is based on our special task. It is interesting to note the belief that the eternal struggle of good and evil is always present, everywhere, and that at present, the two ancient peoples of Earth live scattered, in about the same numbers (~ 15-16 million people). These are the Magyars and the Jews. Both have been subjected to extermination attempts, but never with success. It seems we had to remain alive for the finale. The upcoming battle - not in a technical sense - will take place between us.

Source of original in Hungarian: http://www.postaimre.com/?p=1683

Translators' notes and commentary

  1. The original, Hungarian version titled, A Föld bolygó és azon belül a magyarság helyzete 2009-ben appeared on postaimre.com website on 2009-7-21.
  2. We have attempted to mirror the author's style and the substance of his message. However, the reader is begged to keep in mind that our translators are not accredited; and that this is not a literal translation. In the event of disagreement between the original and the translation, we yield to the authority of the Hungarian version - available from the indicated source.
  3. According to Sebesi Sándor, commenting on this article on 2009-7-26, this summary is available in more detail in Dr. Drábik János' book, Uzsoracivilizáció II.kötet. (Usury Civilization, Volume II).
  4. The popular translation of the Hungarian word "Keresztény" to English is "Christian." However, the Hungarian variant does not derive from Judeo-Christianity's coined word "Christos" ("messiah, anointed") - itself a late 4th, early 5th century distortion of the name of the ancient Egyptian-Roman sun deity, "Chrestos," "benign." The Hungarian word "Keresztény" derives from the word "Kereszt," "Cross."
  5. The use of the term "abducted" in reference to the Holy Crown is correct (i. e., it is not a mistranslation). Magyars consider The Holy Crown a person - and address same as "His-Her Majesty" - the supreme sovereign to whom kings swear oaths of allegiance.
  6. The expression "noble simplicity" in the context used means "devoid of all clutter."
  7. "Rózsadombi Paktum" [Rózsadomb Pact] is believed to have been a secret twenty-point Soviet - American - Hungarian - Israeli political agreement held in Rózsadomb, Budapest around 1988-89 for the purpose of assuring that Hungary's communist elite would retain all their powers in a newly created (the present) regime.
  8. Our observations regarding past treatments of papers dealing with "Semites," Hebrews and Jews point to a predictable reaction. If they favor Jews, they are harangued worldwide using all modes of communication - news media, entertainment, education - and receive generous taxpayer funding. If not, they are at first shunned, then ridiculed, then attacked - though seldom scholarly refuted - along with their authors. We expect this paper will receive the latter type of treatment.
  9. We find Tóth Tibor's assessment ardent, often less than objective, needlessly cynical at times; and his language, occasionally unbecoming. We believe all of these depreciate the value of his otherwise excellent delivery. Nevertheless, we find the content of his writing reasonable and accurate, except for the following points with which we disagree:
    1. He gives city dwellers less credit for their closeness and craving after nature than what we believe they deserve. In fact, city dwellers put in more effort to connect with the outdoors - hiking, scouting, mountain climbing, gardening, picnics, boating, fishing, skiing, etc. - than do villagers for whom nature is just beyond the back porch.
    2. We do not find evidence of a "plan conceived thousands of years ago" referenced under COSPIRACY - EXERCISE. However, we do find evidence of a world-domination "ideology-turned-religion" dating back to early (18th century, BC) "Semites" and Hebrews, the later Jews.
    3. Although we agree with the substance of the the author's views under the heading, RELIGION, we disagree with several of its details. Especially troublesome is his "Yotengrit" example. This example is a collection of supposed beliefs and prophecies Máté Imre claims represent ancient Magyar religious beliefs. However, this "religion" propagates a belief diametrically opposed to teachings the author - in his immediately preceding statement - attributes to Jesus, which, according to the author, is very close to the ancient Magyars' religion. Specifically, "Yotengrit" teaches that Jesus was a Jew and that his messianic quality is verifiable exclusively by the Old Testament, whereas Jesus makes a deliberate effort to reject both of these claims while his disciple's Simon Magus (the Canaanite ), students, call the Old Testament "writings from the realm of evil." We also find that Magyar morality regards Old testament ideology distasteful and repulsive, an observation with which the author implicitly agrees. For further reading, detailed research material on the Magyars' religion - as opposed to Judeo-Christianity and biblical creativity - as well as on Jesus' identity is accessible here - a six-part study on the historical Jesus titled The Scythian.
    4. We find that Magyars do not consider themselves "Chosen People" in any sense. As the matter of fact, they find this label contemptuous and repulsive. However, the majority of Magyars do express an urge to seek the truth and to share their knowledge, an impulse they consider a calling. Objective scholars point out that the ancient Magyars believed - and today's Tátos and their following still do - that the Magyar people were created as they are, which includes that calling, rather than "chosen" among other peoples.
  10. In our opinion, an important point is conspicuously absent in this paper: The Jewry's elite have never initiated - nor reciprocated to - any rapprochement between themselves and ordinary Jews. They consider all lesser Jews mere protective shields, and serfs tasked to carry out the doings of the dynasties in return for guaranteed sustenance and protection from their hosts. In contrast, the ordinary Jew considers the Jewry's elite "culture heroes."
  11. We find that the author could have helped his readers with more precise sourcing. The works of referenced scholars constitute entire library sections. However, we recognize that this paper is not meant to be a scholarly work and, therefore, ought not be judged as such.
  12. Overall, we applaud Tóth Tibor's insight.

English translation and commentary by: Fehérlófő Study Group, 2009.

This translation has been dictated but not read.

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